What has changed as of 5/15/00

NEW: Version 0.4 of TileLib is out.
This latest release has support for smooth scrolling!
An updated documentation page with a new layout has
been placed online to reflect the changes. The old
v0.3 docs are still up though.

What is TileLib?

TileLib is meant to be an easy to use graphics library geared towards
people wanting to make tile based games.  Such as RPG's, side scrollers, 
etc.  It is meant for people developing with the Allegro graphics lib.
What I eventually envision is to have TileLib be an extremely 
versatile core library for making tile based games.  I'm going to pack
as much useful stuff in here that should belong in the basic tile based
games library.  This means, I'm not going to add support for controlling
players, just support for loading worlds/scrolling them/interacting with
them/etc.  Maybe later I'll work on something like that.  For now, the
feature set is limited but still useful.  See the next few sections
for more information.

What requirements does it have?

a C++ compiler, since it's written in/for C++ =)
The Allegro graphics library WIP and whatever that requires
It SHOULD work on any O/S supported by Allegro, but I've only been able
to test it under Linux

What are the current features?

o Smooth scrolling
o Support for 4 map layers (base, fringe, object, and roof)
o Ability to place tiles at offsets other than (0,0), i.e.
  can center tiles.
o Support for disappearing roof tiles ala Ultima style games/old RPG's
o Unlimited map size, limited only by amount of RAM on target system
o Built in functions to scroll the world
o Functions to retrieve information on tiles in the world
o Functions to modify information on the tiles in the world
o Easy to use
o Ability to limit the map window, as in create a border of any size to
  place it in.  Useful for having other windows, like a status window.
o Support for any video mode via Allegro

What's planned for the next release?

o A better map editor
o More example programs
o Animated tiles

What's the most current version?

NEW: VERSION 0.4 IS OUT! Please read the ChangeLog for a list of changes

How do I edit maps?

Using GhettoEdit, available to download off the download link

What's the most recent version of GhettoEdit?

Version 0.35. Please read the ChangeLog

for a list of changes to GhettoEdit

Where can I get it?

Click on the download link to the left For more info, like to submit/track bugs, join mailing lists,
bitch and moan =), check out the project pages on sourceforge
TileLib on sourceforge
GhettoEdit on sourceforge

Questions, comments, developer questions, ANYTHING! Should be sent to: